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GoldSeal – SAARGUMMI India Pvt. Ltd. (GSSG) Is a JV between 2 Technology Leaders – Gold Seal of India and CQLT-SAARGUMMI of Germany, formed in 1997.

Gold Seal were the pioneers in India for Weatherstrips and Door Seals manufacturing the first Window Channels and Door Seals for the first Indian manufactured car!

SaarGummi is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative, technologically high quality body seals for the automotive industry. The company employs around 4,600 employees worldwide in ten production plants and four TechCenters in Europe, the USA, North and South America and Asia. In 2014, the opening of further plants in China, Russia and India has been planned.

The 2 first came together as a Technical License-ship, which shortly developed into a JV to further the joint aim of serving the Indian Automotive Industry with German Technology Body Sealing Profiles. Since then the company has grown to have 2 production sites with 5 Extrusion Lines, and a 3rd site slated to be operational in second half of 2014.

The group’s continuous focus on Quality & Innovation ensures OEM Customer Satisfaction & the ever growing export markets in Africa, Australia, European Union, Middle East, South East Asia, United Kingdom and the United States of America are testimony to the same.

The products find their application on a variety of equipment outside the automotive industry as well, like on cabins of agricultural & earth moving equipment, medical equipment, and enclosures in industrial equipment.

For more information please visit http://www.saargummi.com/

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