Design & Technology

Research and Development is fundamental to our business to achieve each customer's unique set of functional, aesthetic and engineering specifications. Through our innovative systems, GoldSeal SaarGummi is driving forward superior solutions to meet the growing market trends in the Indian and global automotive industries by specializing in customer needs for automotive door seals and weather strips.

With our state-of-the-art global tech center set up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, GoldSeal Saargummi continues to grow in line with our mission of developing the latest technology with SaarGummi worldwide and creating innovative products for the world. Goldseal SaarGummi has a dedicated design and development centre which works under the global umbrella of the other SaarGummi design centres in Europe, China & North America. Taking advantage of our comprehensive global product and material database for profile sections, BOP parts, BIW geometries and all other critical components through which we are able to develop robust solutions to meet and exceed our customer's needs. Using a common platform and tools, our design centre has globally-benchmarked research and material development processes in place paired with local technical support to service all rubber seals for the door frame and car door seal weather stripping.

Our goal is to help you succeed through global manufacturing excellence and constant product innovation. We produce environmentally conscious solutions and automotive components that reduce weight, lower emissions, enhance design and improve vehicle performance for our customers. Vehicles equipped with our highly engineered products continuously outperform our competitors based on warranty rates and customer feedback. We are also known as one of the largest rubber beading suppliers, rubber beading manufacturers and overall universal automotive weather stripping.

We never stay stagnant because of our continued efforts to create new and efficient sealing solutions for the variety of industries we cater to. Innovation and customer reliability are the backbone of what makes GoldSeal SaarGummi a trusted Automotive partner for the last 50 years and will strive to remain the leader in innovating and creating for our customers globally.