Industrial Products

Sponge Rubber Profiles

These single component Sponge rubber profiles are produces in a variety of density as per customer requirement.

During Development phase these products undergo Compression Load Deflection Tests to ensure the Door Closing Force is as per customer requirement and suitable for end-user ease, amongst other tests.

We have over 300 different profiles in our range & are continuously adding to our portfolio.

  • Outer door Seals
  • Control Panel Seals

Industrial Profiles

The profiles find their application in the Non-Automotive industry as well. Any industrial cabin with a door or a fitted glass, would require our sealing profiles to make the cabin free from dust, rain, moisture, noise, vibration etc.

We supply products for cabins on Agricultural Tractors, Earthmoving Equipment, Windmills, Electric/Electronic Control Panels, Freight Containers, Recreational Vehicles, Generator Canopy & other machine enclosures.

If a profile in our existing range is not suitable for customer desired application, the same can be developed jointly with every customer.

Insulation Products

EPDM Elastomeric closed cell thermal insulation material used in condensation control in air-conditioning, refrigeration and chilled water installations. The combination of its technical properties - a low thermal conductivity and a high resistance to Ozone & weather resistance in nature - and its competitive price makes it a cost-effective energy-saving solution.

Speciality Compounds

Our speciality EPDM & NBR rubber compounds are made to order as per our customer specification and formulation for Automotive, Industrial & many other applications. Our State of the art mixing facilities with direct feeding systems, recipe management and Automatic dosage of all critical ingredients ensures all critical compounds are made exactly to specification.