Static Seals

Flocked Channels

The flocked channels are produced with Electro-static online flocking to provide a strong adhesion of the flock on the profile. The flocked glass run channels and beadings can be produced with single or dual rubber hardness and with or without metal inserts, on our complex and flexible production lines. With strong capability in both EPDM & TPV, our inner and outer waist belts and glass run channels are designed to meet the ever-changing global requirements specific to each export market.

Our flocked profiles are subject to various abrasion tests and door glass sliding tests during development and periodically during production to ensure longevity of the product for the life of the vehicle

  • Glass Run Channels
  • Inner and Outer Waist Line Seals
  • Inner and Outer Waist Line Seals with Metal Reinforcement

Bi-Durezza Profiles

These items are produced using 2 compounds of different hardness to meet the application and functional requirements when fitted on the vehicle also known as as Dual Durometer profiles since there are 2 compounds of varying shorehardness as per customer requirement.

  • Windshield Glass Rubbers
  • Windshield and Backlight Glass Edge Protectors
  • Inner Waist Line Weatherstrips
  • Cabin Hood Lining Seals

Self Adhesive Tape Laminated Profiles

These seals are supplied with 3M tapes applied by “Heat-Bond Lamination” technology. This process ensures a very strong adhesion of the tape on the profile and allows for the product to withstand the high temperatures during Sea-freight as well.

These seals may be of Single or Dual Hardness and find their application where there is no metal edge to fit the seal on. It also helps avoid the need clips on the product and drill holes on the metal body. They are very easy to fit to fill small gaps between 2 different metal or plastic components of a vehicle and are very versatile in their application.

  • Tail lamp seals
  • Secondary door seals
  • Bonnet front seals
  • Rocker panel seals

Solid Rubber Profiles

These solid rubber profiles can be supplied in a variety of hardnesses, and are produced with virgin raw materials to ensure strong durability to the extreme weather conditions the vehicles are exposed to.

The products can be supplied in cut lengths, rolls or as complete ready to fit pieces with corner moulds.

During development our products are tested for Ozone Resistance, resistance to chemicals & water spotting, resistance to wind shield washer fluid, and salt spray tests.

We have over 300 different profiles in our range. Click here to see our range of Solid Windshield, Backlight & Glass edge finishers.

  • Windshield Weather-strips
  • Backlight Weather-strips
  • Glass Edge Finishers