Global Innovation


VarioSection® changes the profile cross-section during the ongoing process automatically


The permanently elastic sealant is added to the sealing profile within the extrusion tool - namely at specific points in the profile.


SolidLight® uses so called microcellular foams. These weight optimized sealing profiles are making a significant contribution to reducing the overall weight of vehicles.

Dynamic Seals


Foamed low density material replaces butyl as sealing agent in weather strips. FoamTight® does not only provide a clean alternative but also saves money in the production process. This new innovation adds added value by acting as a seal within a seal.

  • Single and Double Bulb Inner Door Seals
  • Swing gate & Lift gate Seals
  • Engine Hood Seals

Bi – Component Profiles

These Dynamic Seals comprise of Solid & Sponge Rubber extruded with Metal Insert. The metal inserts can be in 5 different varieties to suit the flexibility required in the application.

During Development phase these products undergo Compression Load Deflection Tests to ensure the Door Closing Force is as per customer requirement and suitable for end-user ease. The Insertion Extraction Force Tests are carried out to ensure ease of fitment on the production Lines. The bulbs are also subject to Durability Tests to ensure longevity of the seals.

Door Seals

Our collection of sponge and solid rubber molded door weatherstrips are designed to act as the primary barrier between the vehicular door and body. These primary door seals can be designed to be fitted on the vehicle via an adhesive strips or plastic retainer clips using state of the art automated processes. The EPDM car doorweatherstripping is designed to insulate the vehicular cabin to ensure no external elements enter the cabin to give our clients a premium experience.

Body, Tailgate & Hood Seals

Door opening body, Tail gate, Swing gate and engine hood seals are bi-component profiles produced with an embedded metal strip for fitment onto the body panel and act as the secondary barrier to isolate the cabin from the elements. Our large collection of these dynamic profiles are designed to match the interior trim panel design and embossing for a seamless finish. These automotive trim weatherstrips have a pre-determined compression set to buffer the impact from the repeated opening and closing of the door during the vehicle life for a premium closing and sealing effect.