About Us

Gold Seal Avon Polymer Pvt. Ltd. (GSAP) is a joint venture between 2 Robust Leaders – Gold Seal of India and MGI Coutier Avon Automotive, USA, formed in 1998.

Gold Seal Engineering Products Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer of rubber door sealing in India with a strong reputation for quality production serving the Indian Automotive OEM industries since 1958.

MGI Coutier Avon Automotive is world leaders in fluid conveying systems, supplying to global OEMS from their 11 manufacturing sites worldwide.

The state of art factory in Daman was setup in 1998 and continuous to provide technology advanced coolant, water & fuel conveying hose systems to 7 OEMs like Ford, Nissan and Mahindra amongst others.

The group’s continuous focus on Quality & Innovation ensures OEM Customer Satisfaction & the ever growing export markets in Brasil, China, Dunton (UK), Germany, Japan, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam aretestament the same.

For more information please visit http://www.avonauto.com