Bi – Component Profiles
  • Single and Double Bulb Door Seals
  • Boot and Bonnet Seals
  • Engine Hood Seals
Flocked Channels
  • Glass runs
  • Inner and outer waist line seals
  • Inner and outer waist line seals with metal reinforcement
Bi-Durezza Profiles
  • Windshield Glass Rubbers
  • Windshield and Backlight Glass Edge Protectors
  • Inner Waist Line Weatherstrips
  • Cabin Hood lining Seals
Self Adhesive Tape Laminated Profiles
  • Tail lamp seals
  • Secondary door seals
  • Bonnet front seals
  • Rocker panel seals
Solid Rubber Profiles
  • Windshield Weather-strips
  • Backlight Weather-strips
  • Glass Edge Finishers
Sponge Rubber Profiles
  • Outer door Seals
  • Control Panel Seals
Industrial Profiles

The profiles find their application in the Non-Automotive industry as well.

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